These days most people don't want dark metal fillings visible when they smile. In all front teeth and sometimes on back teeth that can be seen when you smile we repair or fill the tooth with a strong, tooth coloured 'composite' material that matches the colour of your tooth.

A veneer is a thin porcelain layer that is bonded to the front of your tooth to improve the appearance of discoloured or badly stained teeth.

Where a tooth is very discoloured, very weak or won't hold a filling it is a necessary to place crown which is ceramic cover which restores the original shape and matches the colour of the adjacent teeth.

Over the years our teeth become darker and pick up stains from the food and drinks we consume. It is now possible to dramatically lighten and brighten your teeth again through professional tooth whitening. We use the home-tray system, which is most effective and long-lasting method.

If the nerve and blood supply of a tooth becomes irreversibly inflamed or dies then it becomes necessary to remove this dead tissue from the root canal and fill the canal(s) to prevent reinfection.

People with dental emergencies are always welcome at our practice, and we gaurantee that any emergency will be seen within 24 hours.